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Byron McBroom, CPA, Founder

Husband/Father/Grandfather. Byron loves to snow ski, mountain bike, road bike, and backpack with friends and family. A huge San Francisco Giants fan. When asked if he had any hidden talents he said, “I can’t be killed. I’ve drowned. I’ve been stabbed. I’ve been in an avalanche, and I’ve been in cardiac arrest.” Need we say more? He has been happily married for 30 years and has three children, all grown and out of college. Recently he has added a few grandchildren to the clan and that has been a great new adventure.

Alison Lueders

Dog mom to Annie. Hobbies include adventures with Annie, baking, scary movies and starting DIY's but not finishing them. Favorite food is sushi, accompanied by a Diet Pepsi. Hidden talent is that she can pick things up with her feet like a monkey!

Austine De Ocampo, CPA

University of the East, Manila alumni, with a B.S. in Accountancy. Eldest of 3 siblings, newlywed and new mom! She is also a fur parent to her adorable pup "Kid". Interests involve travel, karaoke, and anything to do with BTS (a Korean boyband she loves). Her favorite food is anything involving crab or shrimp. Favorite drink is a mango and strawberry shake.

Brian Gage, CPA, MBA, MPAc

UOP, Sac State and UC Davis alumni. Husband and dad to a new baby boy. Hobbies are family time, church and fitness. Interests include crossfit, body building, running and power lifting. Hidden talent is that he can make a mean drink and is a great dancer!

Camille Soriano, CPA

Tomas Del Rosario College alumni. Youngest of 7 siblings. Interest include sketching, painting and swimming. Favorite food is anything spicy.  Her hidden talent is she's got a mean pair of dancing shoes. 

Christen Ebojo, CPA

University of San Agustin alumni with a B.S. in Accountancy. The 5th of 7 siblings. Hobbies include backpacking, hiking, astrophotography and painting. Her favorite meal is anything seafood or a tasty paella valenciana. Her hidden talent is that she can play the xylophone!

Christie Martinez

Grand Canyon University alumni with a B.S. in Accounting. Wife and mom to four kids. Hobbies include beach trips, exploring & family time. Favorite food is spaghetti & corn bread, followed by a coke. Hidden talent is she can put her feet behind her head. 

Cynthia Marinas, MBA

City University/Centro Escolar Univesity alumni with an MBA and a BS in Accounting. Married with 3 kids and 2 grandkids. Hobbies include cooking and mission work, both local and international. Favorite foods include cheese and chocolate. Go to drink is either wine or coffee. 

Daneth Gonzaga, CPA

Polytechnic University of the Philippines alumni, with a B.S. in Accountancy. Eldest of 5 siblings. Interests include reading a good book and watching cartoons. Favorite food is a toss up between pizza and spaghetti. 

Dara Inn

A.S. in Accounting from MJC. Happily married with 2 kids. Middle child of 7 siblings. Interests include fashion, cooking and starting a DIY project and not completing it (like Alison). Cowboys fan. Favorite drink is a Baskin Robbins cappuccino blast. 

Edmar Arsenio

University of Negros Occidental - Recoletos alumni with a B.S. in Accounting Technology. Eldest of 4 siblings. Favorite foods include fish, seafood or Indian foods. Go to drink is a nice fruit smoothie or a cup of tea. Interests include traveling, fitness and online documentaries. 

Erick Casas

University of Pheonix alumni with a B.S. in Business with a concentration in Accounting. Interests include skiing, tennis and the SF Giants. Favorite food is a good burger or taco with a nice glass of iced tea. 

Felicia Torkelson

Wife and mom of three awesome kids. Interests & hobbies include visiting the beach, hiking, traveling and reading. Favorite food is thai or anything with chocolate. Avid coffee drinker. Favorite sports team is the SF Giants. Her hidden talent is making a mean cocktail that she's named "It's all she wrote". She's famous for it. 

Gina Pace

UC Davis alumni with a B.A. in International Relations and a minor in Comparative Literature. Interests include horror movies, fantasy novels, makeup and looking at houses on Zillow that she can't afford (for now). Favorite food is stuffed crust pizza with a glass of red wine. Hidden talent is that she can put away a "frightening" amount of food in one sitting.

Jamaico Javier, CPA

Arellano University alumni with a B.S. in Accountancy. Hobbies include playing basketball and video games. Favorite food is pizza, a good burger or a nice rack of ribs. Favorite drink is a lemon yakult smoothie or a green mango shake. Favorite sports team is the Dallas Mavericks.

Jessica Sabeur, CPA

Long Beach State alumni. New mom! Professional scuba diver. Favorite food is mint chip ice cream. Likes watching football and is a San Francisco 49er's fan. Her hidden talent is she is able to do more pull-ups than most.

Joe Bartlett, CPA

Bio coming soon...

Julie Bondar, EA

Mount St. Mary’s alumni with a B.S. in Business Management. Mom to three kiddos. Hobbies include cooking for friends & live music. Her favorite food is pizza and her favorite drink is espresso - black.

Kate Woodbury

Dixie State University alumni. Go Trailblazers! Hobbies and interests include stand-up comedy, Netflix documentaries, salsa dancing & hiking. Has a major sweet tooth, ice cream filled donuts are her favorite. Sister to 6 siblings. Favorite drink is a moscow mule or a caramel macchiato. Hidden talent is playing the ukeulele, guitar and piano. Check out her YouTube page!

Kristen Arnold, CPA

Stan State alumni with a B.S. in Business Administration with concentrations in Finance & Accounting. Interests are reading, anything outdoorsy, tending to her garden and spending time with Penelople, her mini Schnauzer. Favorite food is some gluten free pizza followed by a glass of rose. As she says, “Rose all day”. Favorite sports teams are the SF Giants & 49ers. Hidden talent is that she has the uncanny ability to recall numbers from memory.

Leslie Fontes

Wife and mom of four. Avid Dr. Pepper drinker. Always has a stash of snacks somewhere close by for the office to share. Loves to go camping. Go-to beer is Coors or Michelob Ultra. Favorite food is Yogurt Mill. Her hidden talent is that she's the cornhole champion of the office. 

Lois Chua-Santos

B.S. in Accountancy from Miriam College. Newlywed! Interest and hobbies include swimming, cooking & watching netflix on her down time. Favorite food is a good steak or sushi. Favorite drink is milktea and coffee. Hidden talent is she's a dance troupe member. Loves to travel and explore new places. 

Megan Burth

Master of everything. UC Santa Cruz alumni with a B.S. in Psychology. Favorite food of all time is sushi. A Minnesota Vikings fan. Enjoys relaxing and getting outside with friends and family. Hidden talent is being able to fix just about anything.

Melanie Sikma

CSU Chico alumni, with a B.S. in Kinesiology. Married with two adorable daughters. Byron's daughter & Tyler's sister. Interests include traveling, DIY projects and anything music. She enjoys writing and playing music on the guitar and soon the piano. Favorite food is soup or sushi. Favorite drink is a strawberry basil spritz. Her hidden talent is that she has an incredible voice.  

Michelle Schatz

Graduate from Gunderson High. Mom to two daughters. Favorite food is anything with pesto in it. Favorite drink is an ice cold corona, or water. Hobbies include bike rides, shooting range, trying new restaurants and binge watching netflix with her boyfriend. San Jose Sharks fan. Hidden talent is she can make a mean lasagna!

Myra Diaz, CPA

B.S. in Accountancy. Mom of 2 kids. Enjoys nature, but especially the beach. Loves to travel and eat. Her favorite foods are a good burger, pancit, and anything with chocolate. Her favorite drink is a nice cup of coffee. 

Rachel Ramirez

B.S. in Accountancy. The eldest sibling in her family. Interest include reading, binge watching documentaries or anything that allows her to hone in on her artsy side. Favorie food is pasta. Hidden talent is being able to do cross stitch.

Renee Latimer

Wife & mom to three amazing adults. Foster failure to three wonderful dogs. Hobbies include spending time outdoors, especially if it involves getting to travel and use her RV. She loves to explore as long as she has her people with her. Favorite food is sushi or a fresh fish over a campfire with a glass of lemonade on the side.  

Sharlene Echigoyen

University of the East/La Consolacio College alumni with a B.S. in Accounting Technology as well as a B.S. in Accountancy. Eldest of three siblings and the only girl. Interests include anything music or entertainment related and enjoys cooking in her spare time. Favorite food includes ramen, maki and seafood, even though she's allergic to it. Hidden talent is singing, epescially when it's her favorite ballad songs. 

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